Benefits of a CO2 heat pump system

Super efficient, cheap to run, eco-friendly & super quiet….just some of the benefits of a CO2 heat pump system

CO2 heat pump systems are the worlds first energy efficient all in one hydronic heating / hot water solution. Heat pump systems can also be plumbed to ancillary systems such as pool and spa heating, underfloor slab heating and heated towel rails to deliver a total all in one solution.

Heat pumps are effectively a super effective ‘all electric’ system. They deliver savings of up to 50% over conventional hot water systems, and when paired with a Photo Voltaic (PV) solar panel array return even greater savings. CO2 heat pump systems are ideal for integration with photovolitac (PV) systems as plugging into a renewable green electricity source closes the loop. A decent 5kW – 8kW PV system can result in net credit being achieved on an electricity bill. In addition existing rooftop solar hot water evacuator systems can be retro integrated as a booster mechanism to achieve even greater savings.

CO2 heat pumps have been selling in Europe for over ten years and are now the accepted industry standard. In Japan (available since 2003) they have now captured over 40% of that domestic market. Unlike gas boosted solar hot water the latest CO2 heat pumps are not affected by cold weather resulting in year round efficiency. Heat pumps are the beginning of the end for traditional hot water systems. Worlds best practice finally comes to the Australian hot water industry.

Heat your hot water - one of the many benefits of CO2 heat pumps

Benefits of CO2 Heat Pump Systems:
– Uses natural CO2 as refrigerant
– All in one system mains hot water and hydronic heating
– Super efficent & cheap to run
– Eco friendly
– Super quiet operation
– Integration with PV solar system for further savings
– Claim energy credit rebates
– Long term warranties