Hydronic heating supplies & equipment

hydronic heating supplies, equipment and complete systems

Solar Hydronics offer direct sales of hydronic heating supplies, equipment and complete systems.

We can help with selection and installation advice if required. You can save thousands of dollars off the installation cost by helping us install it! Or alternatively we can fully install or provide your plumber with all the information they need to install it.

Hydronic heating systems can be retro-fitted to existing homes or installed during the build of a new home. They are more energy efficient and cleaner than traditional ducted heating, and they are completely silent.

We stock and ship direct to you. Complete systems are palletised for collection at our distribution centre in Melbourne or can be delivered to site.

hydronic heating systems connectors and piping



– Panel radiators slim and full width
– Pump stations
– Controllers
– Copper tubing
– Expansion tanks
– Valves
– Thermostats

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